8 Things To Ask Yourself When Feeling Overwhelmed

I Know it's been a while since the last time I wrote a blog post. So much has happened since then. However, I want to stop by and leave you with something that will help you process things different... If you're currently feeling overwhelmed about school, work, or even a relationship this is for you.

  1. Ask yourself "Which of these task should I prioritize?" Do what's most important first and pressure will slowly go away.

  2. Would I achieve more if got some extra sleep? The truth is, when we are tired and exhausted, we are less productive

  3. Are other people sucking the life out of me? Are there certain individuals who's demanding too much time?

  4. Is there anything at all that I can delegate? Do I have to do it all, or do the whole thing on my own?

  5. Is my space full of clutter, and that's adding too much stress? Do I need to get rid of old stuff?

  6. Have I taken too much on because " I don't want to let people down" or I'm afraid of saying "No".

  7. Can I withdraw, or take time off to recharge my batteries? Do I really need a break and the chance to be refreshed?

  8. Would I likely perform better if I made time for self-care?

Also, reflect on the way you feel after asking yourself these important questions. Try to find ways to manage being overwhelmed and do what's best for you.


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