A Day in The Life of a Blogger | How I Stay Consistent

Being a blogger while having a 9-5 in corporate America is not for the weak. In fact, it is very challenging and it takes a lot of love and dedication to do this job.

Monday through Fridays, I go to work of course and twice a week or sometimes even more (depending on my mood) I create content for my social media platforms at home or outdoors. On the days I create content, once I come home from work I choose two outfits, I do my hair and makeup and then I step out to take photos. I normally love going outdoors because the pictures look a lot better and the lighting is absolutely perfect.

How I stay consistent?

I purchased a calendar 📆 on Amazon that has become my best friend when it comes to planning my month and daily routines. I write down all my ideas and content I want to put out for my audience; sometimes when I work with brands, they usually have a deadline that I have to meet and that’s when my calendar comes in handy!

I have noticed I procrastinate less this way, and I get the job done even faster. I highly suggest you to invest in a calendar if you haven’t already, you will see progress in your blogging career or business.


Of course not everyone was made to do what I do. Sometimes I even get tired of getting dolled up to take pictures because I honestly enjoy being in my natural state. However, pictures are part of our job as bloggers and influencers and every picture must share a message!

The key is to take advantage of every single time you look “picture ready” and snap all those photos for the gram. I do that every time I go out and that is like free content for me to post. Consistency is key to success and, that is what has helped me get all those brand deals and other opportunities. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with my content!

If you are a business owner, this applies to you as well.

Thank you for reading, xo!

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