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Alexa Darling and OMG Management - The 'Comeback' Collaboration

It’s almost impossible to overstate the value of women coming together. We talk a lot about women’s empowerment around here, but the best stories are usually when—you guessed it—women invest in women. Whether we’re investing time, support, money, or more in one another; when women come together, everyone wins.

I think is important for women to invest in each other. We need each other for so many things, and as someone who has been in this space for years, I have seen the impact we create when we leave all the BS in the side and we look at the bigger picture.

Many of you saw Onex's and I being friends in 2019, our friendship didn't last long then because of misunderstandings and ego-driven emotions that led us to stop talking. One thing I know for sure is that we are not the only ones who've been through something like this, which is exactly the purpose of this blog post.

The Breakup: The truth is, we were both going through a lot back in 2019. We both had a lot of personal issues going on and I know for sure that took a toll on both of us. There was also a huge misunderstanding on social media that led me get in my feelings and I distance myself; and listen, IT BE LIKE THAT sometimes. In addition, the fact that we are both part of the same community (Honduran) made people want to see us as enemies but they tried it, LOL.

The Reconciliation: We have a lot of people in common, again being that we are in the same community, in a time frame of a week three people mentioned "Onex's" and one of those people had a HUGE opportunity for both of us; that is when we decided that we needed to sit down and have a conversation. The beauty of it all is that when we finally sat down at the restaurant, we didn't go straight to the past. But instead, we started talking about the different changes we both went through during the three years we did not speak and that was needed.

Women can come together despite their differences...

WE'RE BACK! Three years later, I realized our break-up needed to happen. We collaborated in this project and it was so effortless. Onex's is a Libra, she has very good attention to detail, she is all about aesthetics, very creative and open to new ideas. I on the other hand, I'm easy to be directed, also very creative, grounded and free-spirited.

We want to encourage women to not be afraid of coming together despite our differences because truth is, each one of us is completely different. I've learned to be open-minded, understanding and patient during this process. I hope you enjoyed this as much as enjoyed creating!

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Alexa & Onex's


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