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As a woman, I remember feeling unloved, sad, not enough and unhappy around this time of the year. I would never get excited about Valentine’s Day because I never got any gifts and my partner at the time didn’t make me feel “special”. I would be at work, and all of my co-workers would receive roses, edible arrangements, and more. However, I was the only one without receiving gifts and it would make me feel some type of way. How many of you can relate? I know I can’t be the only one. It was until I found myself that I began to be okay with not caring so much about Valentine’s Day shenanigans.

#BeYourOwnValentine is a campaign that promotes self-love and encourages women around the globe to love themselves and not feel lonely or unwanted around this time of the year and so on. Loving yourself is an ongoing process; you will have days where you will not feel at your best. However, you have to always remind yourself of the type of person you are and not let the negative spirits get to you. Valentine’s Day isn’t only about having a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife; celebrate with your girls, your children, parents and even co-workers.

Women are beautiful, we are strong, unique, powerful and fearless. Be okay with being by yourself, get to know YOU better, be aware of the person you are and what you bring to the table, work on yourself daily and celebrate yourself!

Take yourself on a date, buy yourself roses, candles, wine; go get your nails and hair done, do whatever makes you happy today and every day. My goal is for you to feel encouraged and know that you’re loved no matter what.

This is what self love means to these women:

Ellise: @therealalann_

“Self-love runs deeper than just “loving yourself” and tending to your own needs.. self-love is embracing the loneliness, choosing to accept that your time is not right now to be “in-love”. You continue to dig deeper for your identity within your OWN self instead of finding your identity in someone else. To know yourself before someone gets to know you.. self-love is doing whatever YOU need to do for YOU, not what society displays as self-love. self-love is CUSTOM MADE for YOU because nobody is you. When you look in the mirror and feel whole and see wholeness-that’s when you’ll know that you’ve reached loving yourself completely. Trust yourself-Trust the process”.

Tasha: @mazapan_qween

“There was a time I stopped showing up for myself, often too afraid to surrender to self- love and self-compassion. Today, I choose me, I choose to surrender to the practice of self-love.“

Danitza: @_.danitza

”Self love is waking up in the morning and thanking God for another day.Without him we wouldn’t be where we are today. Self love is loving yourself unconditionally and learning to accept your flaws . Self love is accepting your wrongs, forgiving and loving others. Reminding yourself that you are a queen and living up to it. Self love is being yourself and letting the world see who you really are. Pain, anxiety etc comes with learning to love yourself. There’s going to be obstacles in life that you think you might not be able to overcome,but remember is part of the process.Is part of you learning to truly love yourself. Loving yourself has to start with YOU accepting who you really are.”

Rachelle: @ciaobelagency

“Self love is recognizing your worth even if you feel others don’t see it or appreciate it. Self love is prioritizing your health (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) for the betterment of you so you in turn can be better for others. Self love is remembering that you alone are enough”.

Latifah: @_tiffah

“As a mother of 3 boys, a teacher and a wellness coach with Herbalife. I found out self care was more important than I thought. I can’t fill up others cup especially my children’s when mine is dry. Once I found self love for myself and started taking care of my mind, body and soul is when I noticed change with myself. Dealing with depression and anxiety is hard but I’ve learned what helps me with it. Self care isn’t selfish. Self care isn’t easy as it’ll open true doors about yourself but it’s needed to happen for true growth. Love Yourself Queen”

Stacey: @yostacoo

“Self love: having high regards for your own well being and happiness. one’s devotion and dedication to themselves through actions of self care and mindfulness.”

Nyajal: @simplynyajal

"Self-love to me means an unconditional love of myself. It means being able to look past my flaws or to even embrace them and to not seek validation from anyone outside of myself. It means treating myself, spoiling myself and giving myself whatever I deserve. It also means leaving room for growth and supporting myself always. Self-love to me means positive affirmations and speaking my own love language. It means understanding I’m going to make mistakes but to forgive myself for them. It means having my own back. Period. “

I really hope you all enjoy the message of this campaign. Share this link with your girls, and spread love. Remember to always put yourself first!

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