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Did your business shut down while Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp were down?

Happy Wednesday y’all! — the internet was doing bad on Monday. In case you don’t know what’s been going on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp were disabled and it was down longer than usual.


There are many entrepreneurs and small businesses who doesn’t have a website and do business through Instagram direct message (DM) because many don’t understand the importance of having one or simply because they’re aren’t ready to make the investment. Having a website for your business is extremely important because it helps you establish credibility as a business and your customers also feel safe with you. I’m just here to encourage you to get it together!


How can you build a strong newsletter?

You need to first start by getting your customer’s emails and encouraging them to subcribe to your newsletter, that way they can be informed of all new products/posts on your website. This can be a bit challenging at times but you must get creative with it. How? Well, for example, a way of making sure people will sign up to your newsletter is by creating a discount code and have them obtain it by entering their emails; you might’ve seen this with lots of online stores like Shein and Fashionnova. Apply what what you see in your business! 😉

This has been helpful for me. I actually do have a pretty good amount of people signed up to my newsletters and whenever situations like these happen, I am still able to communicate with them. You don’t want to depend solely on social media to promote or sell your goods and services. A website is a NEED not a want and you must invest in one because It’s the only way people will take your business serious. I hope this was helpful. If you need any help with website building I would suggest to watch youtube as a guide, but if not pay someone who specializes in that and start making those sells!

Did you find this helpful? Please let me know.


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