Growth and Peace - A Birthday Reflection

I have been so busy the past few weeks, even prior to my birthday I was all over the place creating, working on my business, the release of my merch and ufff the list goes on. I really haven’t had the chance to sit down alone and think about turning 24 three days ago. So, here we go!

Honestly, I am in very good space. I am absolutely proud of my progress and where I’m heading in life. The amount of things I have accomplished and learned at such a young age is very admirable. I don’t give myself enough credit because I’m super hard on myself and I be wanting everything to be perfect all the time.

Year 23 was incredible and an eye-opener. It taught me so much about myself and those who were around me. My biggest lesson has been ”not everyone has the same heart as you” and “ people don’t owe you a thing“. Whew! I have heard those sayings so many time but it hits different when you have to accept it and you go through those experiences.

From my father telling me "I love you" for the first time in my entire life, to my family back in Honduras making a very special video for me really made me feel loved and appreciated. Oh, and let's not forget all the messages I received from my friends and supporters... you guys made my entire day special during this quarantine.

I have found what keeps me sane, and that is going to the park to journal and enjoy nature. I be in tune with myself and It's super relaxing. I have started doing things that are out of my comfort zone, things that I have never done before because I was being closed minded and just enjoying my own company.

This new year of life will be amazingly beautiful. I know God will do miraculous things in my life and will continue to open doors. I pray for protection, growth, love and prosperity.

- Alexa

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