How Do I Find Balance Between Being an Influencer, Running a Business and Having a Career?

Oh, hey guys! I know it has been a while since I wrote a blog post for you all. It has been 4 months, I can't believe it but I am back full force and I am super excited. I hope this blog resonates with you and help you in some way.

Being an Influencer: It is so crazy that next month will be my third blogging anniversary, time really flies when you are having fun. I took a break from blogging when I started to work on my body care brand "Darling SKN" because it needed all my attention to be honest. Finding balance is hard, but I've mastered consistency in my personal brand "Alexa Darling" by simply making it part of my daily routine. I use the app called "MinimalList" and it helps me so much with completing my daily tasks even with my business.

Creating content for instagram has become so natural to me that it doesn't even feel like a job most of the time. I enjoy dressing up, storytelling through my content and inspiring others to love themselves.However, for me to get here I had to learn to MAKE TIME. Making time for what you love when having a 9-5 job is very challenging specially when all we want to do is rest; what has worked for me is getting ready to create as soon as I get home (that means doing my makeup and setting up) instead of laying in bed, cause once I do that I know it's a wrap lol.

Running A Business: So far the hardest thing I've had to do, running a business is very challenging and can be so exhausting, it is NOT for the weak which is why I understand why many people are not meant to be entrepreneurs. I launched my business a month ago and it has been a success. Thank God I did not have to take out any loans to start and I have been re-investing my profit into my business without having to dig into my personal account. That's a blessing!

When I started, I did not know how to go about shipping. I used to get super excited every time I received an order that I would pack the order the day and run to the post office every single day. THAT WAS EXHAUSTING and I had to figure our a way to find balance. So, I created a schedule that worked for me and decided to only ship out orders two days of the week. I also used my weekends to make the product and label them which helps me save time when someone places an order. That is pretty much what has helped me be more organized and having more structure in my home-based business.

Having a Career: When I am not blogging, I am clocked-in at my 9-5 job which honestly I DO NOT enjoy very much but this what is currently paying the bills until my business flourish even more ( it will soon ) because I'm claiming it!! My job consist of being an Admin Assistant at a Transportation Company and that is what takes most of my time M-F. I have learned to not allow myself to get too comfortable working a corporate job because that is not my dream, so I place boundaries with my job and I make time for my business. I do not work weekends, I make sure to keep my weekends to myself.

Rest is important: As passionate as I am with everything I do, I always make time to rest. I used to be the type of person who would never take time for myself because I always wanted to get things done but once I start to get exhausted I try to take a break to recharge and then continue.

Do not feel bad for making time for yourself. Please remember that things and people can wait and if you don't take care of you, no one else will.

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