How To Stay Productive While At Home During Quarentine- LadyBossBlogger Online Course

As we all know, the Corona Virus has come to change our lives and many of us are either working from home, or not working at all during this difficult time. Many people find themselves bored and without much to do. However, one way you can stay busy and productive during this time is by taking an online course if you're really serious about taking your career to the next level.

I have been taking the LadyBossBlogger's "How To Make Money As An Influencer" online course to learn more tricks and get better in my craft. There are many things that I did not know simply because I did not have all the tools I needed. When I first started, I was actually very impressed with the content of the course; It isn't boring and the content is well put together for the reader/student.


I've learned the importance of having your own blog/website. They are considered assets that will benefit you when working with brands because they actually take you more seriously when they see that you have your own website. This was confirmation for me.

I've also learned new techniques when pitching brands. Most of the time brands reach out to me, but with these new techniques I have gained, I can now start pitching for brand deals the right way.

Also, I've got great resources for Instagram like hashtags use, content planning, media kit creations and more.


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