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Event Planning Hacks: How To Land An Event Sponsorship + Proposal Template

If you want to organize an event and you don't know where to start, this blog is for you. Landing a sponsorship is definitely a challenge that not everyone is willing to go for but there are many reasons why sometimes a company will decline a sponsorship proposal.

So, here are my ideas for truly stand-out sponsorship proposals.

But first let’s cover the basics, shall we?

When reaching out via email, keep this in mind:

What is the difference between a cold and warm email?

A cold email is called cold because you haven’t had any prior contact to the person you are reaching out to.

A warm email can be an exchange of emails with a prospect that showed interest in your product/service through your inbound channels (such as your website, your blog, your social media profiles, etc)

When reaching out to a company, you want to keep these things in mind:

  • Get clear on your offer: What type of event will you be putting together? What is the purpose? What are you willing to do for the company in return? How will you represent them? What is the target audience? all of these questions matter and you need to know the answers before proposing a sponsor.

  • Determine compatibility: You want to make sure the company can benefit from you event as much as you're benefiting from them.

  1. Are the marketing objectives the same?

  2. Have you connected with the company before?

  3. About how many events have they sponsored in the past?

  • Create a draft of your proposal: Writing things down helps so much, don't keep it all in your mind. Later on this post I will show you an example on how to write a proposal.

  • What needs to be included: Formal greeting and introduction, the “why” of your event, demographics (amount of people who showed up at previous event), and reason why the selected company should sponsor you. Be straight to the point and specific.

  • Follow up: Don’t be afraid of sending a second email if needed. After 4-5 days, if no response, send a second following up and asking if they’re still interested in supporting your event. Be professional!

Use these digital tools to find and secure sponsors:

1. SponsorPark: Best for corporate events, entertainment, sports, festivals, and special causes categories.

2. Sponeasy: If you need a well-designed sponsorship desk, try this. They even have templates you can use.

3. OpenSponsorship: This platform specifically caters to athletes and sport related events.

Here's an example of an email sponsorship proposal:


(Introduce yourself)

My name is Alexa, known as Alexa Darling on all social media platforms and I am a lifestyle and beauty blogger in Houston.

I, with the help of an amazing team, organized my first “Evolve Vision Board” event this past January. My personal vision was to create an encouraging atmosphere for individuals to find their most valuable networking resources through one another as they created vision boards. This provided avenues for attendees to start or grow their own businesses while motivating them to set and surpass their goals for the next year. We had an amazing turn out with an 85% attendance count of 150 RSVP’s. The attached photos do not do justice to how fantastic the turnout was. (Attach pictures of previous event)

So you are probably wondering why I have reached out to you…

I propose for the ________ to come in as a sponsor for our annual _______event set for ___________ (Date of event) . This collaboration serves two purposes; helping our community members find opportunities for career growth in addition to an outstanding opportunity to bring your venue many more potential clients.

(Add value) - Throughout my event you will be highlighted as a valued sponsored and with permission added onto any promotional marketing for said event. My contact information is listed below to go over partnership details.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


_______ (Your name or signature)

I hope you all found this email helpful. Like this if you did and share it with your friends :)



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