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Love Come To Us When We Least Expect It - Alexa Darling

I've always been a lover girl. I am someone with so much love to give and I've been giving my love to the wrong men. Well, actually let me take that back because I'm sure they needed it, so it wasn't in vain. For those of you who don't know yet, I was married for 4 years. I got married very young to someone I fell in love with but the reality is I really didn't know myself and what I wanted back when I was 19 years old. I was very naive yet, I thought I knew I was ready to be somebody's wife and I was NOT.

After getting divorced, I started dating and it was very fun until I realized dating in this generation sucks. It is very discouraging when you constantly meet people who don't know what they want but act like they do in the beginning. Mind you, I understand not everyone will be "The one", but so many people these days aren't even willing to compromise and put in work the same way we do to maintain any other valuable relationship; we all know relationships are hard in general. So, if you're still here reading I am sure you already put two and two together and realized that I am single. I am happily single by the way!

I have learned that love comes to us when we least expect it, when we are not looking for it. I have to be honest with myself and admit that at some point I was unconsciously looking to be in a relationship with someone because I knew I was ready. Truth is, hunting for love never brings the right partner. It only creates longing and unhappiness, and I had to really understand that. Even though I felt like I was ready to give love and be with someone, It's simply not time yet and I am okay with allowing my future husband find me when it's time for both of us to meet. Timing is everything.

Don't settle with anyone just to have someone

Write down those amazing qualities that you have and you will attract a person who has them and be open to receive love. You are very worthy of love and don't allow those failed relationships make you feel as if you are not lovable because you are. We are not perfect human beings, but we must work on ourselves to be better and be able to love someone else. Remember that self-love is the best love and relationships are mirrors of ourselves.

How do you feel about dating in this generation? Can you relate to any of this?


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