Meeting your future in-laws for the first time this holiday?

We all know that during the holidays it’s all about being with the family. Most likely, if you’re in a relationship you will meet the family of your significant other. It’s very important that you dress to impress and represent them well, but there are more important things you need to take in consideration.

This is a decision that you and your partner should discuss prior to meeting the family. Make sure they know you are okay with meeting your in-laws. In fact, this will make you feel a lot more comfortable and you will be able to get through it. We all know meeting your partner’s family can be a bit frightening.

T I P S:

Be yourself: This is key when meeting anyone. Just be yourself, try not to be so shy and introverted. In fact, show your personality and hold conversations with the family that way you guys get to know each other more.

Dress to impress: You don’t want to walk into the house looking like you’re going to the club and meet up with your friends. You want to look presentable because we all know that first impressions matter.

Say hello to everyone: When you walk in, say hello to EACH person you see; this represent respect and your morals. Seriously, this makes a big difference rather than just walking in and saying “hello” to everyone in general.

SMILEEEEEE: Keep a pleasant smile in your face. This will show everyone that you’re a welcoming individual and that you’re not bitter and ugly lol.

Be genuine: If you’re not ready to meet the family then don’t and just wait until you feel comfortable to do so. If you’re ready, enjoy everyone’s company, give genuine compliments and be open. Most people can feel your energy so don’t go in with bad spirits.

Here’s a helpful video to watch:

Do you think meeting the family during Christmas or thanksgiving is better than any other holiday? why or why not? Leave me a comment below, I’d like to know.

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