Outfit idea for a night out with friends

Going out with friends these days means I need to dress up because why not? I love fashion and you will never catch me looking too “regular” on the streets.

Dressing up doesn’t always have to be “too extra” you should always wear what makes you comfortable. For me, I love wearing chill outfits and dress them up with heels. You might like the opposite, and that’s totally okay!

I wore this outfit on a Friday night. I went to a nice Caribbean lounge and I received compliments, specially on the shoes. These shoes are also very comfortable and I was able to have them on all night. (Big plus)

Outfit Details

A simple brown crop top, a basic high waisted skirt and laced up shoes. (It’s the shoes for me)

Shop this look:

Top: Boohoo.com

Skirt: boohoo.com

Shoes: Forever21.com (I got these a while back, might not be on their website abymore)

Did you like this look? Let me know in the comments section. I think I will do this more often and share with you all fashion tips.

I hope you enjoyed the read! 😊


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