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The Power of Intimacy - Alexa Darling, OMG TM & Livin Sabio Collab!

So many people don't understand the real meaning of intimacy. This is a topic that I am very passionate about because It's so deep to me. Intimacy is NOT sex, sex doesn't equal intimacy and it is also not necessary for intimacy... let that sink in.

So, what is intimacy?

It is self-reflection. It is me revealing to you and you revealing to me. This creates a bond that will withstand the beating of all the urgent things around us.

To be able to truly open up to someone and experience a deep level of intimacy, we must constantly work on ourselves. This means digging deeper into our emotions, understanding our triggers, and most importantly understanding our needs.

We live in a world where intimacy isn't valued and is often avoided. Why? Mainly because of FEAR. As a result, many of us don't experience intimate relationships. We barely get a chance to share our true thoughts and feelings and to be seen or heard by the people around us.

This lack of intimacy has bad consequences. Many of us suffer from depression, anxiety, we feel like no one cares for us; I have learned to be open and vulnerable in relationships because at some point I was being very dismissive and guarded with all of me, which as a result it made me attract the wrong men due to the fact that the energy I was displaying wasn't positive.

There are 4 types of intimacy: Emotional, Spiritual, Mental and Physical

But today I will focus on the Spiritual Intimacy: Spiritual intimacy doesn't necessarily have to relate to religion. This type of intimacy is developed through your activities together, such as praying together. We must also understand that two people can both be deeply committed but can experience this type of intimacy in different ways because all of our journeys are different.

There are different ways a person can be spiritual, it's important that you understand your partner and where their heart and journey lies.

How to build intimacy in a relationship:

The first step in building intimacy in your relationship is by focusing on what matters, which is your RELATIONSHIP+S (platonic + romantic). Allow yourself to be more present with the people in your life, enjoy every moment you spend with them, have deep conversations, be open and vulnerable.

I would like to thank Livin Sabio and OMG Talent Management for coming together and creating these visuals for this blog. I hope this was a great read for you. Don't forget to subscribe to my mailing list!




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