The Power of Letting Go

Meeting people can be exciting but letting go of someone when things go left is the complete opposite. Everyone can agree that is the most annoying and unpleasant experience, specially if that person was in your life for a long period of time and/or if you and that person shared many great moments together. Regardless of the situation, it’s important to learn how to let go of people and things that no longer serve a seat in our table. Unfortunately, sometimes people have an expiration date and we must learn to be okay with that.

I recently had to turn the page of my current chapter and let go of people who were not serving any purpose in my life — everybody! I mean family, friends, men who tried to waste my time, etc. One thing that I admire about myself is the fact that I can easily let go of people when they do me wrong. I don’t beg for their time nor stress myself out because for what? Now, to those who mean a lot to me then that’s a different story. Try this steps to let go or anyone who has hurt you or wasted your time:


Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you - Peter 5:7

You literally have to start with putting everything in God’s hands. Ask him to give you self-control , emotional support, strength and patience to be able to go through that difficult process. Then you’ll start feeling new again.


YOU must stop communicating with the person. If you have to change your number, then do so; but you can’t keep communicating with someone who isn’t serving you peace or anything positive. You’ll never be able to heal if you keep that person who hurt you so close.


Face your feelings and don’t run away from them. Allow them to go through the process and release everything you feel, this is part of the healing process even if it’s uncomfortable. Over time, you will not even have those same feelings anymore and you will be surprised.


Ask for help if you need to. Talk to as many people you feel like you can trust and let those feelings out, cry if you need to but this is so important. We all need a support system when we aren’t feeling our best.


There is no way you will heal if you stay inside the house all the time. Go grab a few drinks with your friends, pamper yourself at a spa, go shopping, etc. Whatever takes your mind away from that person, do it. It’s so necessary! Put yourself first always.


Give yourself time to heal. Work on yourself and understand that whatever you want is out there and it will come to you. Also understand that God does everything with a purpose and things will make sense over time. There is no quick fix in this process but it’s so worth it.

You will know you have completly healed and moved on when you no longer think too often of that particular person, you don’t speak bad about them, you have accepted that better is yet to come and you when you’re okay with not communicating with them.

I hope this short blog post helped you in some way. Thank you for reading, fam!


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