Moving Tips That Will Improve Your Moving Experience

We all know how stressful moving can be, specially if you are someone who lives alone with less help and support or even with not a large budget. The good news is, you are not in this alone and there is so much help available to you when you're in need of a helping hand during that process.

  1. Pack in Advance: Packing in advance will help you get things done without feeling too overwhelmed. For me, I like to pack a month in advance because that way I can take my time and be organized with all of my items. I tried packing one night before I was moving three years ago and, I accidentally threw away my makeup in a black trash bag... Rushing is NEVER good, take your time.

  2. Packing Materials: Don't go broke spending too much money on materials like boxes because you can really find them for free. I advice you to go to different warehouses or maybe even asking someone at your job if they have boxes they no longer need; you will be surprised at the amount money you can save because they are not super cheap and they definitely add up quick.

  3. Hire an Affordable Moving Company: If you are in the Houston or surrounding areas, I highly recommend that you book with Gameday Moving Services Houston because they have very affordable prices that you will most likely be able to fit into your budget, and most importantly you won't be alone during the moving process. The staff of this company is well prepared to lift all of your furniture carefully using the proper materials that won't damage your furniture. In case you own heavy instruments, they even have piano movers in Houston, Texas who are equipped and properly trained with the best practices for moving these large instruments. They are trusted and very reliable in the city of Houston, so I highly recommend their services.

  4. Unpack Quickly: What I mean by this is, don't take years to unpack your items once you move because you don't want to damage anything. It is easier said than done, but please don't go passed a month to unpack because it will be a struggle the more you wait.

  5. Don't Forget to Ask for Deals: We love a good deal. Many companies offer deals for new clients and I am big on negotiating because you can save yourself so much money, seriously! Don't be afraid to ask.

  6. Keep Their Contact Info: I'm sure you will move again, building a relationship with a moving company it's so important. You want to do business with trusted individuals, specially when moving because you are allowing "strangers" in your space. Definitely build a relationship with them and look forward to hire them for your next move.

Was this article helpful? I hope it was for you. Thank you for reading.


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