What Is The Purpose of a Vision Board? Manifesting Greatness

Well, hello 2021! Happy New Year. How is 2021 treating you so far? I started creating my vision boards back in 2018 and they worked for me. Then I did one again in 2019, I remember like it was yesterday all the things I put on that board and 95% of those goals were accomplished. It was until last year that I decided to organize an event where more people could come out and do the same in a room full of positive energy and great vibes. I truly enjoy bringing people together!


To remind you everyday of those goals you want to achieve, it is also a way of manifesting your dreams on paper. I believe that whatever you speak out loud or put down on paper will happen as long as you do the work. How bad do you want it?


Vision boards are one tool that helps you on your manifesting journey. Once you realize that you can manifest anything you want, it becomes easier (and addictive) to manifest more things.

I want to encourage you to take one tiny step to manifest your dreams:

  1. Write down a few thing you want to manifest this year.

  2. Find one image that represents this idea for you.

  3. Place that image in a place where you will always see it.

Manifesting anything you want out of life starts with one simple step: knowing what you want. Once you have that idea you can visualize your goals, map out the steps to get there, find mentors to help and focus your energy in the right direction.


If you are in the Houston area, come out January 16th and get ready to manifest your dreams in a safe space with great people. Tickets are now on sale, purchase yours today to get your spot. Materials and food are included with your ticket and there will be so many resources for you.

Thank you to all my sponsors: C2C NYC, Bavulous Collection, GE Entertainment, Garifuna Bosses, Mynxe Beauty, Hija de tu Madre, and Jag and Wolf.

Thank you for reading, see you there!

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