What Should You Do To Prepare For A Hurricane?

We have officially entered hurricane season. Sometimes Mother Nature has a way of reminding us who is in charge and we have to stay prepared at all times. Hurricane Harvey left so many people with nothing, so let’s be prepared for Laura.

Okay, but what am I supposed to do exactly?

You must stay informed by tracking the weather and watching your local weather channels for

updates. Pay attention to all the orders the authorities place for the safety of those around you and yourself. So many people don’t like taking them serious but, preventing can save your life.

  1. Create an emergency kit: Go purchase a flashlight, candles, a radio, canned food, bottled water, clothes, batteries and hygiene products.

  2. Fill up your gas tank: Make sure you have enough gas in your car in case you need to evacuate your home.

  3. Keep all important documents close: Keep a file with all of your documents (birth certificates, passports, insurance policies) somewhere accessible in case you need to grab them, you won’t be looking all over the place.

  4. Move your cars: If possible, move your cars to a higher ground. Try not to park under trees to avoid getting hit by thunderstorms.

  5. Blankets: In case you need to evacuate, bring blankets and pillows. You don’t want to depend on shelters, its always best to bring your own personal items.

Don’t panic, but please don’t take hurricane season lightly. Hurricane Harvey in 2017 taught all of us a huge lesson, so let’s be more prepared this time and avoid the worse to happen. I hope these tips were helpful!


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