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#WomenOnAMission Campaign - Alexa Darling

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.” –Serena Williams

Happy International Women's Day to every single woman reading this. I created this campaign for you, and I pray this inspires you to become a better version of yourself . I was inspired to create this campaign after the loss of my grandmother, Catalina Cacho. She was very inspiring, strong and my goal is to always continue to make her proud.

The purpose of this campaign is to help women understand their purpose and to give them a platform to share their mission with the world. I believe when women come together we create magic and we need more of this in the universe.

Below you will see different ladies who were part of this campaign and wanted to share their mission with the world. These women are all different in all forms, but they all have one thing in common: TO INSPIRE!

Now let's get to the good part

Alexa: As a woman, my mission is to create more spaces for women who lack representation. To help women believe in themselves and most importantly learn to love who they are. I think I have been doing a great job at it, and I want to continue doing the same on a bigger scale.

Daja: Hi! I’m Daja, A 19 year old stylist “Lusciouslocexperience” My mission is to provide a blissful experience by providing a safe ,calm and relaxing environment. I want them to feel amazing when they leave my chair ,Boost up their self Of steam! Because beauty comes from within. I work with respect and joy and I aim to please. My long-term goal with my business is to continue to educate myself furthermost, because I always want to be on advanced guard of the new and fabulous trends. I will enhance each client by bringing out her inner beauty and confidence in each individual; I appreciate every client that sits in my chair because with their support I’m able to expand my business and lift beautiful women up.

Rachell: I believe we don’t just have one life mission. I believe we have different missions for ourselves over our life span. We are constantly evolving as individuals and with that evolution comes different outlooks and how we want to live out our life. Although I may have had and will continue to have a variety of missions for myself, the one constant in each is that I live by treating others the way I want to be treated. If I can live my life, both personal and professional, with that as my basis I know I will accomplish my dreams and missions in a positive way and that’s what truly matters to me.

Krystle: My mission in life Is to live well, continue to evolve, and discover everything that God has placed inside of me. My best years are ahead of me because I know who I am, what sets my soul on fire, and what brings me a sense of fulfillment. For the days to come my hope is that I will live out my wildest dreams.

Skyla: My mission is to make women feel beautiful inside and outside. I want women to know that they can be whoever they want to be and own it. I dedicate my career and tailor my brand to supporting and crowning queens. The best investment you will ever make will be the investment you make in yourself

Jonae: What is my mission?

To be purposeful in everything God and myself envision. In every goal I set forth for myself I want to thrive and trust the process it’ll take to do so. During my life journey I’d love for other women to also become inspired to live in their purpose. My mission is to remind women that they are ‘woman’ and there’s no mistake that God chose you to be.

Dixie: My mission is to get back to myself, It’s so easy as a woman to get lost in being a Mom, wife, sister, friend that’s It feels selfish doing anything for ourselves. “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Fill your cup first, then proceed to handle life like the boss you are. - Maja Giovanniella”

Christina: I think in life we never really stop figuring out what our mission is but one of mine is to leave a positive impact on peoples lives all over, big or small. There’s something about being a blessing to someone else that brings me a sense of happiness.

Now, I would love to know 'what is your mission?' You can answer by posting on Instagram using the hashtag #WomenOnAMission and I will be on the lookout for everyone's posts.

I hope you enjoyed this campaign as much as I enjoyed creating it with these beautiful ladies! Once again, HAPPY WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL DAY!

Creative Director: Alexa Darling

Photographer: Rain Logos

MUA: Taisha Fernandez


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